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Vacuum Forming Toy Cover Plastic

Vacuum Forming Toy Cover Plastic
vacuum forming Industry products introduction: Our plastic parts are made by vacuum forming process. universal used for food and beverage packing, chemical packing, auto, surgical and therapeutic, health and care, toy, decorative field, catering, household appliance, tourism, printing, furniture...
Product Details:

vacuum forming Industry products introduction:

Our plastic parts are made by vacuum forming process. universal used for food and beverage packing, 

chemical packing, auto, surgical and therapeutic, health and care, toy, decorative field, catering, household 

appliance, tourism, printing, furniture store and supermarket display, medical facility and other machinery 

accessories and components etc.

1. Our company uses imported high quality material with various colors such as PMMA, ABS, PS, PP, APET, 

    PVC, PET, PET-G, and HIPS.

2. The products size can be customized.

3. The material thickness can  customized. 

4. Silkscreen, spray painting and prototype are available. 

5. Products are widely applied in toy, catering, auto, mechanism, household appliance, tourism, printing, 

    medical equipment, architecture, touring, advertising, furniture etc.

6. Lower tooling costs.

7. Extremely adaptive to customer design needs

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