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Vacuum Bus Interior Decorations

Vacuum Bus Interior Decorations
1. Color: natural ,black,white,yellow,clear color, other color can be customized 2. Thickness: 0.2m m-12mm 3. Max Width :2000mm, 4. Length: Customization ( Sheet and Roll available ) 5. Surface : Smooth , Textured 6. Process: Vacuum Forming Automotive Car - Internal cladding and trim, external...
Product Details:

OEM bus internal trim door trim window trim cab interiors wall cladding panels price wall cladding panels   

1. Color: natural ,black,white,yellow,clear color, other color can be    customized  

 2. Thickness: 0.2mm-12mm

 3. Max Width :2000mm,

 4. Length: Customization ( Sheet and Roll available )

 5. Surface : Smooth , Textured

 6. Process: Vacuum Forming

 Volvo bus interior parts-5.jpg


Aerospace - Internal Cab cladding, seat accessories and covers

Agriculture - Vehicle and machinery covers, guards, internal & external cladding and body components.

Engineering - Carrier trays, protective covers and transit solutions

Industrial - Machine covers, panels and guards, protective transit solutions

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