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Vacuum Forming Products

A sheet of plastic material is heated to pliability, then pressed against a 3D mold by vacuuming out the air between the sheet and the mold, and applying air pressure above the plastic sheet.
Key advantages: cost-effective, quicker tooling, ability to form very large parts, cost-effective, quicker tooling, ability to form very large parts perfect for, sharper details, allows for undercuts, tighter tolerances, allows for molded-in texture, complex shapes, pieces with vents or louvers, projects with tighter tolerances often used to create, point-of-purchase displays, automotive aftermarket - interior/exterior, recreational vehicles, pool and spa, equipment enclosures, bezels, housings and covers, dunnage material handling trays & pallets, fitness equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, vented equipment enclosures, control pads, scientific instruments, detailed components, control panels, multi-part assemblies
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