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FLY Series CNC Three-coordinate Measuring Machine

FLY Series CNC Three-coordinate Measuring Machine
FLY series CNC three-coordinate measuring machine is high-precision flexible measuring equipment, and capable of completing any measurement and detection task rapidly and effectively.It can meet much measuring needs by matching various scanning and trigger probes, so that to be a concise, rapid and efficient measuring system with high precision
Product Details:

1.Specification of Fly-Series CMM

2.Main Fecture

There are 3 kinds of machine structure on our high-profile FLY series machine, which could comprehensively meet your measurement and detection need.


1).The gantry-moving structure, integral workbench make the machine have strong bearing capacity wide workpiece placing space and convenient loading and unloading;

2).The separating vibration design of the driving system still can minimize the measuring precision effects because of machine’s vibration, although the machine is moving with high speed.

3).The high-performance synchronous belt drive is adopted by the three axes, thus, not only getting the high motion velocity to improve the measuring efficiency, but also reducing the rotary inertia to the farthest extent to improve the motion acceleration;

4).The new granite guide rail processing and inspection process jointly developed by the professional granite manufacturer is available, so that the machining precision of the granite guide rail is improved to a new grade;

5).The improved Z-axis anti-rotation air floatation with special design provides better anti-rotation ability for Z-axis, thus, reducing the rotation error of Z axis in the different height positions;

6).The special low-friction gravitational balance cylinder, custom-made by Germany FESTO Company, could improve the stability of Z axis when running;

7).Advanced non-linear spring system adopts imported accessories, which could greatly reduce any effect brought by minimal error from guide rail.

8).Full digital air source inspection device enhance the sensitivity to air source wave inspection, and minimize any effect from air source towards measuring accuracy.

9).The imported low-friction noise-free energy chain reduce the external force interference of the motion axis, and meanwhile, improving the flexibility and reliability of the motion axis.尺寸插图.jpg


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